These durable sinks have a extremely hard, non-porous surface that can with stand heat over 450 degrees F, and resists chips, scratches, and stains. They are easy to clean with non-abrasive cleaning products. Minor scratches may be buffed out with liquid auto polish. The cross linked fiberglass backing provides additional strength and stability to sink, helps maintain water temperature, and acts as a sound barrier for food disposers.



Perhaps the term "cast acrylic" is new to you. As you may know "acrylic" is a premium high impact thermoplastic composite. "Cast" means a product made from a mold. Put this together and your sink is made from durable acrylic available in 5 colors, while the manufacturing process we use is a "cast" process to make the sink a complete unit. It's versatility and benefits are truly remarkable.



These sinks are "lighterweight" compared to many other sinks. That doesn't mean it won't last just as long. In fact, the acrylic surface is just as durable and the construction is just as long lasting. We ship our sinks pre-cut and pre-drilled to fit in place. You choose the installation process and your contractor will recommend self-rimming, undercounter or tile-edge options for the final look.



When it comes to prepping food and cleaning up a second sink can be a game changer for those who like to entertain. Our Entertainment-Prep Sinks are made out of the same premium high impact thermoplastic composite as our kitchen sinks. The surface is solid and has a non-porous finish is ideal for clean up and to be filled with ice to chill wine and beer, shrimp at cocktail parties.



Utility sinks make every clean up of laundry, pet care or gardening mess a lot easier. made out of the same durable acrylic as our kitchen sinks and is available in 5 colors.s


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