DURABILITY: Extremely hard, non-porous surface with stands heat over 450 degrees F, and resists chips, scratches, and stains.

EASY TO CLEAN: Clean with non-abrasive cleaning products. Minor scratches may be buffed out with liquid auto polish.

CROSS LINKED FIBERGLASS BACKING:: Provides additional strength and stability to sink, helps maintain water temperature, and acts as a sound barrier for food disposers.

CPRE-DRILLED FAUCET / ACCESSORY HOLES: Sinks may be ordered with 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 pre-drilled holes to accommodate faucets and accessories.

DUAL MOUNT INSTALLATION: Installation may be drop-in, or under mounted. Drop-in installation is easy. No clips are required.

INNSTALLATION TEMPLATES: Installation templates are provided in two formats (.DXT and .WMF) for installation contractors (additional software required).

WARRANTY: Lifetime limited warranty..

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