Perhaps the term "cast acrylic" is new to you. As you may know "acrylic" is a premium high impact thermoplastic composite. "Cast" means a product made from a mold. Put this together and your sink is made from durable acrylic available in over 30 colors, while the manufacturing process we use is a "cast" process to make the sink a complete unit. It's versatility and benefits are truly remarkable.

LIGHTERWEIGHT: The whole sink is "lighter weight" compared to many other sinks. That doesn't mean it won't last just as long. In fact, the acrylic surface is just as durable and the construction is just as long lasting.

EASY TO INSTALL We ship our sinks pre-cut and pre-drilled to fit in place. You choose the installation process and your contractor will recommend self-rimming, undercounter or tile-edge options for the final look.

COLORS, COLORS, COLORS: We offer a color palette of over 30 colors from white to black and a huge selection in between. You can be as traditional or as fashionably stylish as you wish.

COLOR FAST and STAIN RESISTANT: Our sinks will not fade or dull in sunlight, and will keep their brilliant shine for the life of your kitchen.

DURABILITY: The surface is solid. Acrylic's hard non-porous finish is ideal for clean up areas.

EASY TO CLEAN: Our solid surfaces are highly resistant to stains, rust, and oxidation and are easy to clean with any non-abrasive kitchen cleaning product.



Self Rimming sinks have rounded corners and mount on the surface of the countertop material. This is the easiest installation and requires only Plumbers putty for the drains and silicone sealant for the perimeter to seal the sink in place. Sink clips are not required.

The sink mounts directly to the underside of the countertop material. This installation provides a flush mounting, making it easy to clean from counter to sink.

The sink mounts directly on the tile surface and sealed with silicone or grout. The sink has rounded edges for easy installation and clean up.





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